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Problems with SSL prolongation


Hi Marco, I received a message from my provider They say that there are problems with the SSL prolongation for my 3 websites:
They say I am using external web servers which do not point to the DNS settings - these must include the values of world4you, otherwise the SSL certificate will not work.
What can I do?
Thank you for your help,


Hi Volker, that’s no problem, you don’t need the SSL from your provider anymore. issue its own SSL certificates for your domain. You may cancel worldforyous SSL certificates.


Thank you!
I just cancelled the SSL certificates with
Will you take care of new certificates?


Your SSL certificate remains valid. It is already issued via


Hi Marco, something is wrong with the SSL certificates for all of my 3 websites. They can not be opened because they are “insecure”.
Please check URGENTLY!!!
Thxs, Volker


Hi Volker oh im sorry. Do you change any settings on your domain registration form? I have renewed the SSL certificate for all domains, so now it’s working fine again.