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Pro Subscription


I purchased Pro, however, my current plan shows as Free and I do not have Pro features?

Also, my card was charged but I did not receive an invoice.


Hi @smebane1 I’m sorry, i’ll take a look into this. Could you first try to clear your browser cache and login again?

Hi @smebane1 I have checked your subscription and it’s active. Maybe there is a browser side issue. Please try the first approach and check if your pro features are available.

Ah, did you cancelled your pro subscription directly after the creation? The logs show a cancellation request 30 seconds after creation?

Yes, I did cancel. However, I was still charged for it.

How do I either get a refund or get my account switched back to pro?

Hi, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet. You should have all the Pro features again, can you please log out of your account and then log in again to test it?