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Open social media links in new tabs


For people with several social media profiles, it would be better to open them in new tabs so it is easy to go back to the sleek page and click on the next one. However, for people with one or without social media profiles it is not necessary. It could be a good idea to have an option to enable or not this feature.


Hi @anon65362967 :wave:, so you mean there should be an option to choose “open in this tab/open in another tab”?
Don’t you think pressing CMD + Icon would work here or right click and “open in new tab”. So each visitor can choose to open the site in the current or another tab?


Hi @marco :slight_smile: I think cmd+icon or right-click works, but trust me, people like simplicity :smile: I know that pressing right-click is not such a work, but making it easier feels more comfortable for the user


Yeah, you’re right. Simplicity is the reason why I build so I think such a solution makes sense in that way. :grinning:

If you add a new icon you can insert your URL currently. I would add a dropdown menu to select between open in same tab and open in new tab. Do you think the approach fits your needs?


Oh, hi Marco! I wouldn’t add a dropdown menu in the front-end because it would mean one more second for the user before visiting the link. I would add the options open in same tab and open in new tab for the back-end so that the owner makes a decision.

Sometimes the owner would prefer to open in the same tab if the information in the link is quick to read and the viewer can go back easily. Other times the owner would prefer to open in a new tab, for instance, when the viewer wants to read the about me info while having a look at the links.


Hi Luis, sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I meant a dropdown in the backend, which can be selected when creating a link. See my screenshot.


Ah,:ok_hand: Marco. I think your website builder is going in a good way, and this idea of an “about me” page is really great because it makes a resume more personable. Personally, I liked it because I could use it as an introduction for who I am, and then show my portfolio, as it works in a typical interview.

Btw, when I was searching for a perfect tool I found Sleek along with other two that can be kind of competition: and You might want to check them for reference.

Thank you Marco for building great things :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

Good news: It’s done :white_check_mark: see
Bad news: you have to remove and add your social icons in order to get this working.


They are slightly different from in concept, as they only offer one design and are less to be seen as a real “website” in the actual sense. But good inspiration for future features, though.