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Markdown code blocks for selected text in a blog post

There is an option of preformatted text which looks good for a single statement, but if a selected text wants to appear as code then the existing option isn’t helping. Preformatted text option in the forum looks good. But in the website stories, it looks as follows:

Do I need to change any setting?


Hi @anon49195637, do you copy & paste the text? Sometimes that breaks the formatting.

Hi @marco, thanks for the reply. Even if I write the text, select a portion of text and format, it looks the same way as mentioned.

Okay, could you create a post as a draft so I can take a look at it?

I created one. How may I share it?

I’ve made a quick video. Does it work that way?

It didn’t work like that for me.

Okay which browser do you use?

I use mozilla firefox

thank you, got it. In Firefox it actually doesn’t work. I get to the root of this bug and get back to you!