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I can't change my profile image


Hi guys, I just signed up to and so far this has been the perfect tool for my needs, but for some reason, I can’t work out how to change my profile image… maybe I’m blind, but if someone could help me out with this, that would be fantastic!


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Hi @quake1880 is it possible to select the profile picture in “editing mode”? A window should appear to upload your profile image.


Unfortunately when I try and select the profile picture in editing mode, nothing happens. The cursor remains normal (as opposed to switching to the “select hand”) and no window opens… There is an outline around the placeholder which implies that I could select it, but that is all. There is also a red “x” at the top right side of the placeholder. When I select this, the first of the initials in the place holder disappears. If I select it a second time, nothing happens.

I am using Firefox (I believe it is up to date), although I have tried on Safari and Chrome as well.

Standard View:

Editing Mode:

Having Selected the “x”:


Hi @quake1880 do you try to select the “x”? This is a bit confusing: the “x” is here to delete a profile image if you have one. Could you try to select the whole image?


Ohh I’ve tested it and the theme has some issue. It’s currently not possible to select the image because the background overlays the image… I’ll fix it asap. :+1:


Thanks! If you could let me know when you’ve issued the fix, and if there’s anything else I need to do, that would be fantastic.


Hi @quake1880 the new version is online :slight_smile:

You just have to click at your profile image


Thanks @marco! That’s wonderful :slight_smile: Your customer service has been fantastic.


Hey @quake1880 you’re welcome!

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