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Full Name Won't Fit?


Hi there,

My full name won’t fit in the name section, it’s about 4 letters short. Since I paid for a premium account I feel like this should be something that could get adjusted/fixed.

Can someone help me with this?


Welcome @celiacoughlinsurridg :wave:

The name field is limited, so it doesn’t look strange in some themes, but I can make the field for you any longer. How many characters do you need?


Hi there, I just need three more letters in that field.

Also, in the second text field, is there a way to move part of my text to a second line? I can’t use enter or HTML to move text to a secondary line, and it looks funky.


Hi @celiacoughlinsurridg,

I’ve made the field longer, so it should work now.

There’s no official solution. New lines / paragraphs are currently only supported for subpages. But there is a workaround :shushing_face: If you use Google Chrome or Firefox, press “shift” + “enter” and you should get a new line.


You’re amazing! Thank you SOOOO much.


Great that I was able to help :+1: