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Allow to edit the call to action button


Hi all great service​:+1::+1:, but… After I created a call to action button, I can’t edit it anymore, only delete it. This is a bit cumbersome, if you have already created a button, you might just want to change the url or the text. The same is true for the social icons. If I have created one, I can only delete it.


I have the same problem - anyone who cn help us out?


Hi @frankymartin221 @volkerweidmann

thank you for the feedback, I put it on the todo list. I add an option that allows you to edit the cta button or links without deleting them.

Until then it is only possible to delete the button and create a new one.


Hi Marco, thxs for your answer!
Strange enough, once I delete say the Whattsapp button, that particular choice is no longer available.


Hi @volkerweidmann thank you for the hint. I’ve checked it and it is a bug you have to save the website first and than reopen the “edit mode”. I have developed a fix for that.

@frankymartin221 and @volkerweidmann I have added an option for editing CTA-Buttons. It will be available with the next update in the next few days. You can check whether the update is available.