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Adding a custom domain doesn't work

Hey there. I’ve an issue with adding a custom domain that I own.
When I type it in and press “Add domain” the occuring error is “Domain is not available”.
It’s working with other domains I use without problems. All of them are .COM-Domains.
Any ideas?

Greets, Ben

Now the other Domains, those who worked before, are “not available” anymore as well :frowning:

Hey @behnie,

do you use only .com domains. Would you PM me one of your domains.
I can’t see anything inside the error logs.

Greets, Marco

Hey Marco. Thanks for replying!
You can find my domain in my profile :wink:
Can’t send you a PM from my phone (there is nothing like “new message”) and I can’t use a computer for a few days.

Hi @behnie you have to set up your domain A-Record first

@behnie does it work?

Hey. Can you help me? My domain was working 100% but for some reason, it doesn’t sync anymore. So, I disabled the custom domain and when I try to enable again, it doesn’t work with my domain ( anymore. Others domains are fine.

Error when I try to put my domain: An unexpected error has occurred

Hi @danielpenno, your domain has the wrong A-Record see: you are using instead of

Hello @marco

Firstly I would like to extend my gratitude for SleekPage. It is as though a previous, and best version of and the fabulous, sadly defunct had a secret love child that has now come of age.

I would love to go pro and support your endeavours, but my card details didn’t appear to load. My site, is also not recognised, I use the service and have done the needed preparations as explained.

Thank you as well for the positive and respectful culture you are building via the site and with your service.

Kind regards,

I’m glad to hear you like! :pray:

If you have problems with the credit card system, send a message to I have added .garden to the list of available domain endings, you should be able to add your domain now.

Nice of you to mention that! :+1:

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Is there an easier way to point my Google domain to Sleep Page. It’s just not working.