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Adding a custom domain doesn't work


Hey there. I’ve an issue with adding a custom domain that I own.
When I type it in and press “Add domain” the occuring error is “Domain is not available”.
It’s working with other domains I use without problems. All of them are .COM-Domains.
Any ideas?

Greets, Ben


Now the other Domains, those who worked before, are “not available” anymore as well :frowning:


Hey @behnie,

do you use only .com domains. Would you PM me one of your domains.
I can’t see anything inside the error logs.

Greets, Marco


Hey Marco. Thanks for replying!
You can find my domain in my profile :wink:
Can’t send you a PM from my phone (there is nothing like “new message”) and I can’t use a computer for a few days.


Hi @behnie you have to set up your domain A-Record first


@behnie does it work?